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Suburbs with Street Code 6025

Southern Region, Eastern Cape: Port Elizabeth

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SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Bay WestPort Elizabeth60256034
Bay-wesPort Elizabeth60256034
Ben KammaPort Elizabeth6025
BramhopePort Elizabeth6025
Brentwood ParkPort Elizabeth6025
BrentwoodparkPort Elizabeth6025
BridgemeadPort Elizabeth6025
BrymorePort Elizabeth6025
CrestsigPort Elizabeth6025
CrestviewPort Elizabeth6025
Framesby GardensLinton Grange6025
Francis Evatt ParkPort Elizabeth6025
Glen KammaPort Elizabeth6025
Glenroy ParkPort Elizabeth6025
Hunter's CloseLinton Grange6025
Hunter's RetreatPort Elizabeth60256017
Hunters RetreatPort Elizabeth60256017
KabegaPort Elizabeth60256015
Kabega ExtPort Elizabeth6025
Kabega ParkPort Elizabeth6025
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Kabega UitPort Elizabeth6025
Kamma RidgePort Elizabeth6025
Kunene ParkPort Elizabeth6025
Linton GrangePort Elizabeth60256015
MoregrovePort Elizabeth6025
MorningsidePort Elizabeth6025
Parsons VleiPort Elizabeth6025
ParsonsvleiPort Elizabeth6025
Rowallan ParkPort Elizabeth6025
SherwoodPort Elizabeth60256034
TaybankPort Elizabeth6025
TreehavenPort Elizabeth6025
TulbaghPort Elizabeth6025
Van Der StelPort Elizabeth6025
VergelegenPort Elizabeth6025
VikingvalePort Elizabeth6025
WesteringPort Elizabeth6025
Western HillsPort Elizabeth6025
Willow GlenPort Elizabeth6025
WonderviewPort Elizabeth6025
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box

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Cape Town80018000Nelspruit12011200

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