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Suburbs with Street Code 7780

Western Region, Western Cape: Cape Town and Cape Peninsula

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SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Ascot VillageLansdowne7780
Belthorne EstLansdowne7780
Belthorne LgdLansdowne7780
Blomvlei EstLansdowne7780
Blomvlei LgdLansdowne7780
Freedom ParkLansdowne7780
Garlandale EstLansdowne7780
Garlandale LgdLansdowne7780
Green Peace VillageLansdowne7780
Hampton EstGatesville7780
Hampton LgdGatesville7780
Hanover ParkCape Town77807782
HanoverparkCape Town77807782
Heatherley EstLansdowne7780
Heatherley LgdLansdowne7780
Kenilworth ExtLansdowne7780
Kenilworth UitLansdowne7780
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
Klein Turf Hall EstLansdowne7780
Klein Turf Hall LgdLansdowne7780
LansdowneCape Town77807779
Mayfield VillageLansdowne7780
Mount ViewLansdowne7780
Nerissa EstLansdowne7780
Nerissa LgdLansdowne7780
Olivine EstLansdowne7780
Olivine LgdLansdowne7780
Penlyn EstLansdowne7780
Penlyn LgdLansdowne7780
Pinati EstLansdowne7780
Pinati LgdLansdowne7780
Portia EstLansdowne7780
Portia LgdLansdowne7780
Riverside ParkLansdowne7780
Rondebosch EastLansdowne7780
Sierra ParkLansdowne7780
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
South RidingOttery7780
Sunlands EstKenwyn7780
Sunlands LgdKenwyn7780
Turf Hall ParkLansdowne7780
Turfhall EstKenwyn7780
Turfhall LgdKenwyn7780
Turfhall ParkLansdowne7780
Wetton ParkLansdowne7780
Wheatfield EstLansdowne7780
Wheatfield LgdLansdowne7780
Woodlands ParkLansdowne7780
Yorkshire EstLansdowne7780
Yorkshire LgdLansdowne7780

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Major cities (city centres only)
CityStreetPO BoxCityStreetPO Box
Cape Town80018000Nelspruit12011200

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