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Suburbs with Street Code 8005

Western Region, Western Cape: Cape Town and Cape Peninsula

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SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
BakovenCape Town8005
Bantry BayCape Town8005
BantrybaaiCape Town8005
Camps BayCape Town80058040
CliftonCape Town8005
DrieankerbaaiCape Town8005
FresnayeCape Town8005
Granger BayCape Town8005
GrangerbaaiCape Town8005
Grangor BayCape Town8005
GrangorbaaiCape Town8005
Green PointCape Town80058051
GreenpointCape Town80058051
GroenpuntCape Town80058051
KampsbaaiCape Town80058040
Mouille PointCape Town8005
OudekraalCape Town8005
Rontree EstCape Town8005
Rontree LgdCape Town8005
Sea PointCape Town80058060
SuburbAreaStreetPO Box
SeepuntCape Town80058060
Three Anchor BayCape Town8005

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Major cities (city centres only)
CityStreetPO BoxCityStreetPO Box
Cape Town80018000Nelspruit12011200

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